Cuisine from our highly specialized chefs make you smile!

Having meal in Select Royal Yatsushiro, it will be luxury time and you will smile.
We hope that you will try our cuisine or visit our restaurant fairs that held every season.

Introduction of Our Executive Chef

I would like to cook dishes that guests are impressed.

Select Royal Yatsushiro is rated as the hotel that serves the most authentic dishes at Yatsushiro.
We have many guests coming from various places because our dishes is delicious.
The distant people plan to stay over night to have the dishes.
The dishes produced by our skilled chefs including Monsieu HAYATA will impress you.

Our Executive Chef, Hiroyuki HAYATA Hiroyuki HAYATA

Our Executive Chef, Hiroyuki HAYATA
Hiroyuki HAYATA

Monsieu HAYATA has a carrer of 40 years as a French chef.
He has the title of "Les disciples de George Auguste Escoffier" and many fans・・・not only in the Yatsushiro but also in Tokyo, Osaka and other areas.
Select Royal Yatsushiro is the only hotel that you can have his cuisine. Your heart will leap up for joy !