Buffet style breakfast with plenty of local ingredients from Yatsushiro

Breakfast Information

Price: 1,000 JPY(service charge and tax included)
Menu: Buffet with Japanese and Western meals
Hours: 6:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Location: Restaurant "La Seine", 10th floor

There are various dishes and you will like our breakfast even if you stay over 2 nights.
-Fresh baked breads, made in the hotel
-Fresh vegetables and fruits
-Traditional Japanese dishes ・・・ and more !!

Recommended Menu

  • Hotel-made, Fresh baked breads

    We bake breads at our kitchen in the early morning everyday for you.
    You will be satisfied with the freshly baked fragrance and fluffy soft texture.

  • Fresh brewed coffee

    All you have to do is press the button on that machine. Soon, you will be able to taste fresh brewed coffee.
    Enjoy six kinds of coffee such as regular, espresso, cafe-latte.

  • Hotel-made, "Special Curry"

    Try our "Special Curry", it is cooked carefully by our chef.

  • TAMAGO-KAKE-GOHAN ; Rice with raw egg of locally raised chicken

    In countries other than Japan, for hygienic reasons, people often cannot eat raw eggs.
    How about to try "TAMAGO-KAKE-GOHAN" in Japan?

  • "HINAGU-CHIKUWA" ; Tube-shaped fish-paste cake, special products of Yatsushiro

    "HINAGU-CHIKUWA" is a tube-shaped fish-paste cake made from local fish called "Hamo".
    It is a special product of Yatsushiro, the city near the ocean.

  • After meal, special made "Milk Pudding"

    The pudding made with delicious milk and the eggs named "Pure White".
    It is baked carefully at low temperature, so it has rich and mouthfelt smooth taste.